Be Careful When Speeding – How To Get a Lawyer for Driving

In the UK speeding can lead to an £100 fine and a total of 3 points added to your license. Where more than 12 points are acquired in a period of 3 years you could have your license taken off you. When the police witness a possible speeding offence they’ll either send details of the penalty or send the penalty directly to court. In such a situation finding an efficient and trustworthy Road Traffic Lawyer is incredibly important. If you need help with Speeding Offences Glasgow, then check out sherridan lawyers.

For new drivers, gaining 6 or more penalty points within the first two years of gaining your license can cause it to be revoked.

If you’re caught speeding by a road traffic officer or speed camera, you may be issued a warning, though in the case of a speed camera you’ll either be issued a fixed penalty notice or fine in conjunction with penalty points.

Speed deterrents are constantly increasing but yet so are speeding fines. In 2017 the police reported 2.3 million speeding breaches with most fatalities due to excessive speeding. It seems here that speed deterrents lack success and many drivers are still receiving speeding fines.


Find the best Glasgow based lawyer

There are thousands of alleged speeding offences throughout Scotland and choosing an expert road traffic lawyer to defend your case is vital. With a multitude of methods for the police to detect speeding and the rise of technology, battling your case in court can be even more so difficult. Providing you with the required support and knowledge to ensure you are put to justice.

This improvement in technology means that the crown is generally much more informed of speeding situations than previous years. It is of course impossible to guarantee the win of a case, but choosing road traffic solicitors who have a solid understanding and expertise will put your chances of winning the case much higher.

Knowledge of the roads is incredibly significant in these cases. Choosing a road traffic lawyer who is local to your area is even more so significant as here these lawyers can have a greater understanding of your case.

Understanding the rules of prosecution can be trivial but with the help of Sheridan and his 100% success rate you can be assured that your assumed offense will be resolved. If pleading guilty or if you have been convicted, the level of speed will determine the level of penalty imposed. If you are facing a speeding charge then get in touch today.